June 15, 2024
What Causes Someone To Buy Youtube Subscribers?

In theory, humans are social creatures; they want to feel connected with one another in order to feel like they have value. They also want their achievements acknowledged and praised by those that matter the most- society at large through theislandnow.com. When you consider this information, it helps make sense of why some people would pay for bogus followers on Facebook and Instagram for example; these are people who are seeking validation from online friends who don’t even really exist.

But the question here, is whether or not people would buy YouTube subscribers for the same reason. This is a more complicated matter than we initially thought. The fact that commercialization has swept through social media (for better or worse) has brought with it a whole new set of issues.

How to Buy YouTube Subscribers

  1. Buy YouTube Subscribers from an Unrecognized Source

Hackers are now resorting to YouTube to get what they want; this is a big problem for content creators who have spent years building up a following on YouTube. Hackers are subscribing to these channels in order to simply inflate the number of subscriptions for numerous reasons. Perhaps it is because they wish to gain notoriety among the hacker community, or perhaps it is more sinister that that.

  1. Inflate Your Subscribers

Gaining popularity online is a big deal, and the only way to do this is by earning it. There are no shortcuts for success on YouTube. Buying YouTube subscribers won’t help you at all in the long run, and will most likely ruin your reputation with real subscribers.


  1. Become a Subscriber to Their Channel Youself

If you aren’t already following their channel, there’s no reason to start. This is a waste of time. After all, they will eventually unfollow you anyway- so why do you think it matters? Subscribing to their channel is even more pointless if the channels has tens of thousands of subscribers; simply unfollowing everyone down to one or two people isn’t going send a strong message. Besides, it’s hard enough doing this with one person! You don’t want to be trying this all by yourself!

  1. Try and Buy YouTube Subscribers from Other Content Creators

This can be difficult. Some content creators may be willing to give their subscribers away, but others want to keep their subscribers private (nobody wants to see their subscriber count- it’s a waste of bandwidth).

  1. Engage in Interaction

Content creators are people too, and they feel pain just like everybody else. Try posting comments on the videos that you exchange with them, or even try and get their attention by posting comments on all their videos.