February 29, 2024

What Is SnapTube?

SnapTube is an application that helps clients to download videos from various online video streaming services and save them for offline consumption.It provides the user the option of downloading just the sound or an MP4 file and the size and resolution of the file can be adjusted to suit the needs of the user. The latest update allows downloads from Facebook and Instagram recordings as well. The search results can be filtered by duration and date of upload. This app can also function on a PC when downloaded using Android and IOS emulators. It is not available on Google Play Store but it can be downloaded as an APK file.

Is SnapTube Safe to Use?

The application is not malware and it does not contain any viruses; the sole reason it is not available for download in the play store is that it exploits the limitations of YouTube which is Google-owned. It violates Google’s policies and terms of service. There is a separate YouTube tab which one can navigate to and search to download videos from YouTube’s search base.

Is SnapTube Legal?

That depends on its usage. It is completely legal if the content is not protected by copyright. The download of copyleft files that are on the public domain is not illegal. If it infringes on the regulations of a particular video portal owned by Google, that does not mean it is against the law. Only the user is liable for misuse of protected content.

The web traffic of SnapTube is ranked 1,367,193 among websites globally based on its 41,943 monthly web visitors. Recently, Snaptube came up with a new feature for Indian users. The app can now be used in Hindi and other regional languages will be introduced shortly. It has become a dependable app and is now used in more than100 countries. It has a catalogue with 11 sub categories, a separate division for popular videos, most viewed and daily recommendation notification for the users.

What are Key Features of SnapTube?

  • Easy download of videos from multiple video streaming services
  • Available in 9 regional languages
  • Direct download of audio in MP3 format
  • Available for android users
  • User Friendly and Easy to Operate
  • Download videos from 144p to 1600p
  • SnapTube has custom search results with thumbnails to load faster
  • Any website or video link can be bookmarked on the homepage
  • SnapTube can download YouTube videos as two different audio formatsMP3 and AAC
  • No forced advertising
  • Search for videos through keywords using the built-in search engine
  • Management of all downloaded files