June 15, 2024

What do you call it? Add-on, add on, plugin, plug-in or an extension? Well, all of these are the same. Did you know that you needed some feature or a helping hand to get your browser in check or in other words to help not make your browser get crazy as it does sometime?

Here are some of the top plugins that would help you in a way you wouldn’t have expected:

  • Adblock Plus:

If you are smart you could easily get the vaguest of the vaguest idea what the plugin has in store for you. This is the best ever plugin you could get for the chrome browser. You should have seen how you got frustrated with the way advertisements pop up every now and then making you spend half the time in closing the add pages. Well, not now. Not after you have installed this plugin. This also serve you from being monitored because sometimes malwares and viruses are found by whose help the companies making a profile of you considering your browsing history.

  • Blur:

Ooo. What weird name is that? It doesn’t matter as long as it keeps you safe from the world of threats and online frauds. You would need to be totally private and disinterested when you are transacting online because there are black hats always on the prowl to get the better of you by unlawful means. You would need to prevent cookies to be formed when you are attending to a website so as to prevent the companies to track your whereabouts for which they don’t have any right to do so. The auto-fill options for credit card, masking data, disallowing companies to collect you confidential and the ability to create a high bit length passwords encryption; all these you get from the amazing plugin. 

  • Hola:

Hurray! Haven’t got any easier way to get a VPN? Try the Hola VPN extension available for free. Website that are blocked on your network or the whole geographical area could be easily accessed. Since this is trusted and is censored, you wouldn’t have to worry about how secure you are. 

  • WOT:

Having doubts with how familiar the website is or if it is legal or trusted? Well get the extension WOT for free. Click on the WOT button and get the details/ reputation of the site, the administrators and the like. 

  • HTTPS everywhere:

You could not be more careful than you are now while doing an online payment. A trusted and a reputed extension you would require for a caution and HTTPS- (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) everywhere is just that which meets these credentials.