June 15, 2024

Mobiles have successfully assumed the position of top priority in our lives. Due to their multifunctionality, Mobile phones assist us in doing the majority of our daily chores, be it shopping, eating, looking for a ride, working, relaxing, every single thing is done with the help of this genius device. A device that would do so many multiple functions would get drained out after a point in time.

Iphones specifically are known to lose very rapidly. It can be tiring to charge one’s Iphone again and again to use it. To avoid this trouble, one can adopt several steps to improve their mobile phone’s battery life.

Tips to optimize the battery

Following are some tips to optimize your iPhone battery and make it last longer without changingthe iPhone battery.

  • Turn the auto-brightness off – Well, yes, you need to turn off the auto-brightness feature of your iPhone to make your battery last long (at least a full day). Go to the settings of your phone. In the general accessibility settings, click on display accommodation.
  • Background app functioning needs to be turned off – Well, yes, you need to do this manually as well; you need to turn the background apps and choose what apps you want to get updated automatically (After every fresh update, it gets turned on automatically, and you need to turn it off manually every time).
  • Turn off assistive touch – Assistive touch gets turned on automatically for those who are having trouble touching the screen. You need to go to the settings again to turn that off if you don’t use it frequently.
  • Change the email update to fetch – If you are one of those people who get plenty of emails that you don’t even read, turn your email updates setting to fetch emails only when you ask.
  • Use the battery saver mode – This is the last but not the least and the most power-efficient thing you can do for your iPhone. Use the battery saver or low power mode to save a great portion of your battery life, like aeroplane mode.

How can one increase their phone’s battery life?

Several things are advised to keep one’s battery life updated, that is, to prevent it from draining out too fast. Some of these measures are,

  • Turning on low power mode- this measure ensures that the overall power requirement is reduced, thus making the Iphone 7 battery last much longer. Apple claims that the low power mode makes one gain an extra three hours battery.
  • Setting the auto-lock at less than 30 seconds also ensures that the battery drains out less than when set on for more than a minute. When the screen is on, this causes the phone to lose more battery; hence less auto lock duration prevents this.

With these simple steps, one can increase their Iphone’s battery life considerably.