December 7, 2023
The points that you should consider while installing security cameras

A very important device that has been developed for the safety of your premises is the CCTV cameras. The maintenance and taking care of the same is your responsibility. In fact, when they are positioned at prominent places in your building, the sight of it makes fraudsters step away and not take chance. A properly set up cctv cameras Australia is almost impossible to tamper with and can provide the best possible safety to your establishment.

  • The importance of a CCTV system cannot be undermined because you do not know when your business location may be prone to attack by intruders. Location of the building in a key area or appointment of security staff does not ensure the safety of your building. Some nooks and corners need to be monitored for the highest amount of safety.

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Points to be considered while installing a camera:

  • The number of cameras required for your building should be decided first. This depends on how big your area is. To ensure that you have total security, you should have your entire area covered. First, decide on the prominent areas that are exposed to danger. The more area you want to survey, the number of cameras required will also be more.
  • There are buildings that have cameras visible to others. While this may create fear in the minds of thieves, it may also caution them thereby making them trick you in any other way. The cameras should be positioned in places where they are not prominent to outsiders. They should be held in hidden places but should also be able to capture any trespassing. With technology, fraudsters can meddle with visible cameras.
  • You should also decide on how you will be monitoring your CCTV system. If it is through the internet, you have to get an IP address for your video recorder. Also, take steps to ensure the safety of your video recorder. All that is recorded is stored only on this and if you lose this, the CCTV is not of any use then. The DVR should also be placed in a central location. This will help reduce the number of cables that need to go along.
  • If you want uninterrupted coverage, you should also ensure a power supply that is uninterrupted. You should have provision for this and in case of power failure access to the backup facility should also be there.
  • Maintenance of the camera is all the more important since it has to function without any faults. If it is faulty and fails to record any trespass, you cannot even get clearance from your insurance company as they do not have any proof.